Guided tour of Chambéry

The attendees are invited to a guided tour of Chambéry on Wednesday 14th, November 2018 from 6pm to 7:30pm. WARNING: Limited number of attendees!!

Go and explore the City of the Dukes.

The former capital of the States of Savoy reveals its secrets to those who dare explore beyond the main streets. Follow the guide through the castle : he will tell you the history of the counts and the dukes who ordered its construction.

You will reach the Sainte Chapelle, where their unions with the biggest royal families of their time were celebrated, under the light of the Renaissance stained-glass window. Along the paths, the guide will lead from squares to interior courtyards.

Behind the facades hide a thousand picturesque details: spiral staircases in the houses of the « chambérienne » nobility, wrought iron decor, 19th century and contemporary trompe-l’oeil. Hear about the adventures of the general of Boigne, in whose memory was built the famous fountain of the elephants. More than in a simple visit, it is for a meeting with the city which we invite you. A discovery to be extended by a visit to a district, a monument, a site of contemporary heritage.