• Projet National C2ROP
Chutes de blocs, risques rocheux et ouvrages de protection


The analysis of the needs expressed by the owners, the road infrastructure managers (including motorways) and rail, or by security officials, led to classify expectations in three general themes, which are the structural axes the research program:

  • Identification of the hazard
    • Characterization of the hazard (probability of departure, the mechanisms involved, volumes concerned)
    • Zoning Methodology
    • Characterization and propagation prediction (size and direction of the landslide or falling blocks)
  • Protection
    • Validation of existing protection mechanisms versus the risks (quantified)
    • Lifetime, management and re-evaluation of the existing stock
    • Temporary defensive techniques, design of emergency techniques
  • Risk management and decision support
    • Taking into account vulnerability
    • Life cycle of infrastructures and residual risk
    • Support tool for optimal solution decision
    • Development of new concepts concerning risk management

Administrative & Financing Management

9 rue de Berri
75008 PARIS
E-mail : contact@irex.asso.fr
Tel : +33 (0)1 44 13 32 79

Coordination in Rhône-Alpes Area

55 avenue Galline
E-mail : indura@indura.fr
Tel : 04 82 53 51 33


President : Roland MISTRAL (Département de la Savoie)
Director : Jacques MARTIN (Egis)
Scientific Director : François NICOT (Irstea)
Dissemination Director : Marianne CHAHINE (Cerema)

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