Context of the research project C2ROP

In a sustainable and proven climate change context, an increase in rockfall events, landslides, rock falls is feared. First, the rain-snow limit is raised by an average of 300 meters in the last decades; and secondly the amount of precipitation has remained constant, characterized by an upsurge of violent events marked by an important and intense impluvium.

Therefore, it has now become urgent to bring together all stakeholders in the field of rock risks, to propose a collaborative research framework and a platform of integrated operational resources, dealing with both the hazard (quantification, detection, forecasting), vulnerability issues (structures, works and maintenance strategies), and the management of risk through specific protection works, permanent, temporary, or even emergency (sizing, efficiency, safety, ageing).

Such an initiative has never been undertaken across our territory. Our project aims to fill this lack, opening a national collaboration in a theme that in recent decades has mainly been work within a framework of limited partnerships.

C2ROP aims to build a coordinated toolchain (hazard – risk – protection), to bring out a repository of risk and its acceptable cost, organize and develop the community, to provide a structured results from digital and experimental equipment tools, and finally position the French expertise internationally. This collaborative project will bring the products of research available to those who need them, especially the owners and infrastructures managers.

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Strong issues

  • Gaps in the overall risk analysis
  • A need to standardize practices
  • A lack of dissemination of scientific advances
  • A management for each manager
  • Work under limited partnerships
  • Needs on revision and additions to the existing reference documents

A unifying project

C2ROP aims at gathering the all community:

  • Owners
  • Engineering companies
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Researchers

Ambitious Goals

  • Build a coordinated tool chain: hazard – risk – parade
  • Define a repository of risk and its sustainable cost
  • Organize and develop the community
  • Provide structured results from digital tools and outstanding experimental equipment
  • Position the French expertise internationally

The project idea came from the cluster INDURA. Today the project is labellized “National Project” and takes a national scale, administered by IREX, and supported by the MEDDE, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

National Project C2ROP

logo_RGCU_1088x714The National Project C2ROP is a National Project (PN), a specific device implementation of collaborative R&D in the field of construction, supported by MEDDE, under the RGC&U. Research programs launched under the label of “National Projects” together, on the basis of a voluntary commitment, all construction players: owners, masters of public and private work, construction companies, offices studies, engineering, industries producing raw materials or building components, public and private laboratories, universities and engineering schools.