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“The International Symposium Rock Slope Stability 2016, was held in Lyon (15-17 November 2016), following the previous editions Paris 2010 and Marrakech 2014.
With 170 attendees from 12 countries, RSS 2016 is definitively an international forum which brings together all actors of the academic and professional sectors over three days. The topics covered included, among others:
  • Site investigation and rockfall hazard modelling,
  • Monitoring techniques,
  • Rockfall trajectory analysis,
  • Risk management,
  • Protection structures
  • Case studies.
To affirm the strong connection between researchers and practitioners, this edition included a half-day session fully dedicated to technical presentations and exhibitions.
In the context of climate change, illustrated by frequent extreme climatic events, the international community must consider the risks related to rockfall and landslides with a new perspective. This is one of the major goals of the French National Project C2ROP (Chutes de blocs, Risques et Ouvrages de Protection), under the auspices of which the Symposium was placed. C2ROP demonstrates the necessity to bridge all the components related to the relevant topics, both in academic areas and industrial sectors, to make rapid progress and to benefit from knowledge developed in related fields.
Among the various Sponsors, I would like to thank especially IREX (Institut pour la REcherche appliquée et l’EXpérimentation en génie civil), INDURA (Infrastructures durables Rhône-Alpes), and FRTP (Fédération régionale des travaux publics, Rhône-Alpes). Their contribution was a key component in the success of RSS 2016. Special and warm thanks to A. Hardouin (IREX) for her remarkable contribution!
With 70 oral presentations, including four invited keynotes speakers, the International Symposium Rock Slope Stability is becoming an essential, regularly scheduled meeting point for the whole rockfall community. RSS 2016 being over, it is now time to focus on the RSS 2018 edition!”
François NICOT, Chair of RSS 2016

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